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Couples Therapy

As a therapist at Cedar Park Psychotherapy, I love working with couples. I have a master’s degree in Human Sexuality as well as over a decade of experience. 

One aspect of Sex Therapy is couples or Relationship Counseling. In my work with couples I draw from Emotionally Focused Therapy, Marshall Rosenberg’s Non Violent Communication (NVC) and Internal Family Systems. I have also studied Gottman and I do often offer homework assignments for those who want it. I frequently work with couples who are incorporating polyamory or other forms of ethical non monogamy into their relationships. I also work with cross-race and cross-class couples who need support around topics of racial and economic equity that show up in their intimate lives. 

Most of my couples therapy clients are queer or trans in some form (sometimes one member of a couple or sometimes both) and while sometimes they are navigating topics related to their queerness or transness they are just as often dealing with the garden variety challenges couples face. I welcome straight and heterosexual clients and couples as well! Regardless of sexual orientation or gender, I find many of my couples clients struggling around division of labor in the household and especially around emotional labor. 

More recently I’ve started seeing more couples who are in stable and well relationships who want to do maintenance and preventative work (build the foundation for?)  to ensure they move smoothly into the next 5-10 years of their partnerships.

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If you’re ready to take control of your mental health and make lasting changes in your life, I am here to help. With my support, you can build a foundation for sustainable growth and overcome the obstacles preventing you from achieving a happier, healthier life. Take the first step towards healing today and reach out to me. I would be honored to join you in your journey.

Meet Jenny Sandler

I am passionate about helping individuals find healing and peace. My integrative approach to therapy is suitable for anyone looking to understand themselves better, build healthier relationships, and create a more fulfilling life.

I specialize in working with the LGBTQ+ community, those exploring poly/ENM relationships, and people of all ages and backgrounds. I work with individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, trauma, and PTSD. I can also help if you are going through a life transition or looking to become more self-aware. I would be honored to work with you if you are ready to take steps toward recovery or further personal growth.