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About Cedar Park Therapy

Welcome to Cedar Park Therapy

I welcome sex workers, kinky folks, and those exploring poly/ENM relationships as well as professional change makers and activists. With my extensive training in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, EMDR, and Internal Family Systems, I have helped many clients unburden from traumatic events and family dynamics.

I specialize in helping queer and trans clients heal from trauma by utilizing an integrative approach incorporating relational, socio-political, and neurobiological modalities

Meet Jenny Sandler

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 20 years of experience in human sexuality.

I use Internal Family Systems and EMDR to help people process trauma, resolve internal conflicts, and heal from long standing emotional/neurobiological issues. I have experience working with the LGBTQ+ population. I am kink and poly affirming. I welcome discussions about justice, oppression, and privilege. There’s no need to face your struggles alone. I am an experienced professional who will listen and create a safe space where you can feel comfortable discussing difficult subjects.

I am dedicated to helping highly sensitive people (HSPs) and empaths struggling with self-esteem issues or feelings of unworthiness. My compassionate attention to privilege/oppression makes me the ideal therapist for anyone looking for a supportive guide on their journey toward healing.

Finding a therapist can be hard

It can take a long time to accept that you can’t figure everything out on your own. Once you have decided to seek help, I know it can feel overwhelming even just to start the “search” process. Don’t give up! Finding the right therapist is worth it and you’ll be glad you did. Therapy is a process and yes, you do have to follow the steps. Keep going, you will feel better!

What to Expect from Working with Me

If you're located in West Philadelphia and ready to take the next step towards lasting transformation today, reach out to Cedar Park Therapy for a personalized approach that will help you achieve ease, peace, and healing.